Jr. High / Intermediate Band

Participation in the Valley View  Junior High and Intermediate School band program provides students with an enriching experience that fosters musical growth, social development and lifelong advocacy of music.

The Valley View Local School Jr. High and 6th grade Band program consists of three bands which are open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders that wish to enhance their music education through playing a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument.  Comprehensive musical instruction guides students towards mastery of music and instrument fundamentals, performance and practice techniques as well as an understanding of music theory and history..  The program is designed to lead to greater independence on instruments and prepares students for musical study at the high school level.

In Jr. High and 6th grade, bands meet as a part of the regular, curricular school day.  Typically, Jr. High and 6th grade band students perform three concerts throughout the school year as well as participation an adjudicated performance.